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At’ana  – One of the islands on Duarana. It is used for industry and welfare programs. Due to its bad reputation, the word is often used as a profanity. At’ana Zilo is a small citadel built to serve as the information center of At’ana.

copter – A hovering machine used for transportation.

duanote  – A file in the official information database of Duarana. Each duanote usually requires a long process to be reviewed and approved.

fishdragon – A deep-sea creature that hunts fish with the help of its strong jaws and spikes.


fliesy  – The most common hovering device around Duarana. Mostly used for recording and transmitting audiovisual material to the signalling network. The word can refer to one device or several devices (it has no separate plural form). Models for special purposes include fetcherfliesy, which is a very small fliesy designed to retrieve and carry objects. It is often used instead of a copter in discreet tasks and tasks within small spaces.


fliferry – A hovering vehicle used for sea travel.

f’yff  – The most common expression of profanity around the technologically developed parts of Duarana. The amount of syllables and "f" sounds can vary depending on the emotional state of the speaker.


Gifting – Something given to a citizen of Duarana as a sign of gratitude from the High Elected. Annual Giftings include the Coolve’rl Gifting and the Planetve’rl Gifting. Each of the High Elected has a chance to hold their own Giftings.


Gittore – A former citadel which lost its citadel status because of continuous violations of the developmental policies set for it.


grotee – An orange vegetable that resembles an oval egg squashed from its narrower end.


the High Elected – The governing entity of Duarana that consists of two hundred and twenty-two individuals from areas of governance, science, health care, and economy. They are elected through an electronic vote that happens every other planetve’rl.


Kemros G  – The island that currently serves as the center of finance, governing, and health care on Duarana. Kemros G Center is the biggest citadel on Kemros G.


Kemros G Agricultural Paths – The largest agricultural area on Kemros G with twenty-two separate areas (named A to V) which are dedicated to different kinds of produce.


Kemros G Research – The main scientific research facility on Duarana. Includes a vast amount of laboratories dedicated to different areas of science. One of them is Kemros G Research Pro 9 which is an experimental department that works on solving new and unexpected threats.


khitantemi – A neurotransmitter chemical that plays significant roles in the pleasure and emotion systems of the Duaranan body. After a stable, artificial form of the substance was developed, it became widely accepted and promoted by the Duarana High Elected who are in control of its production. Proven to be very useful and profitable in both recreational use and medical applications, it mostly replaced all other substances used for physical and emotional pain relief. Khitpads are used to administer a dosage of artificial khitantemi into the body.


Line of Produce – An industry that produces certain types of products or offers a certain kind of service.


melastic  – A widely used material developed by duaranan scientists. Combines the strength of metal and the lightness and flexibility of several elastic materials. An essential component in the production process is a highly reactive metal known as vechir’za. Melastic can further be blended with other materials such as glass, other metals, or fabrics to achieve the needed qualities.


pacefold – A measure of length standardized by the Duarana High Elected. It was the longest measured step of the three-eared snout dragon (the largest and rarest animal found on land) folded two times, i.e. divided by four. Equivalent to c. 3.37 Earth meters.


the Principle of Efficiency – A developmental principle established by the High Elected. It has led to many major changes in the society, such as the centralizing of services and resources, strict naming policies, limitations of information storage, and the monitoring of workers at each Line of Produce.


rootform – A type of a living organism that has qualities of both fungi and plants. It reproduces underground via a network of roots.

the Scientific Convolution Sigma of the High Elected – A regular gathering of the High Elected and other officials and scientists to discuss the latest scientific discoveries and make decisions regarding them, such as additions to the official information database of Duarana and how to use the new information in new developmental plans.


screenfo – A thin device that can transfer, store and display audiovisual information such as signallings. Screenfos are produced in many sizes.


seamkeeper – A melastic item that creates an indistinguishable waterproof and heatproof link between pieces of fabric yet can be unlocked easily.


the Secondary High Elected – The second most important of the High Elected. His/her vote counts as one in any decision of the High Elected, but if the Highest Elected is off-duty, his/her vote counts as three (known as ‘vote major’).


shoo’ankh (‘shooter antagonist khitantemi’) – A small handheld device which can be activated to send a signal toward a living target. The signal lowers the levels of khitantemi in the body. This confuses the pain and motion control systems to a point where the target will collapse. The effect is usually temporary.


signalling (sgl) – The most popular method of sending audiovisual information around the planet. The planetwide signalling network covers most of the water area and all the islands with an established duaranan population. Signallings intended for children are called younglingallings. The Planetve’rl Signalling is a signalling organized by the High Elected which is transmitted live at the beginning of each planetve’rl.


turtlebird  – A creature with hard scales, a short robust beak, and a shell that covers its middle.


ve’rl (abbreviation of vechtwirl) – A measure of time equivalent to c. 2.79 Earth seconds. Since gaining an official status, the word became commonly used in other expressions of time such as lateve’rl, coolve’rl and birthve’rl and sprouted the other official terms axve’rl (the time it takes for the planet to go around its axis) and planetve’rl (the time it takes for the planet to go around its sun), The length of vechtwirl is the half-life of an atom of vechir’za, a highly reactive metal used as an essential component in the making of melastic.


the Vine of Kemros G (often referred to as simply the Vine) – A large tall structure that consists of various kinds of hard-surfaced, intertwined plants. It is carved full of symbols that represent the history of Duarana. It is maintained on a rooftop in Kemros G Center and plays an important part of the Planetve’rl Signalling.


youngling – A child or a young teenager.

This terminology appears in the first five chapters which you can read for free on Amazon. You can find a full Dualingo Glossary at the end of the book.

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