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Are you a reader of environmental science fiction or nature poetry?

Are you someone who loves to work with the audiovisual?

Are you interested in music, writing, film, graphics, science, environment, nature, dance, and human rights?

Take a look around my website and my Youtube channel, and if you like what you see, please contact me because I’d love to have your help in this project which may venture to many literal, musical, and audiovisual paths.


I’d like to thank my beta readers Kelly, Randie, Stephanie, and Wendie for helping to see my book from a new point of view.


Duarana Zero is the first part of a new Eco Action SciFi Fantasy series. Kindle ebook and paperback are available via Amazon (see worldwide Kindle links here).

Writing this book was a journey during which I began to find my happiness and resilience in the face of many challenges. I hope there is something in this story that will help you with yours.

Feel free to message me anytime. :)

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