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Game Review: Coral Isle

I'll start this blog by reviewing Coral Isle. It is a Facebook game where you can farm, build, explore new locations, and interact with other players.


+ Variety of locations and scenery (tropical, beach, forest, grasslands, snowy mountain)

+ The graphics are very beautiful (often humorous and cute)

+ Events that introduce temporary locations with new scenery and extra prizes, such as Easter isle

+ You can join a team in which you can send and receive more resources when needed

+ You can learn a lot of nature, farming, cooking, and building vocabulary

+ Environmental Issues quest line was a nice addition to a game where you are constantly encouraged to mine, crack the rocks, and chop all the trees

+ The game is constantly developed and you don't know what to expect next

+ You can truly play this game without spending any money on it


- It takes a lot of effort to get things built and to move forward

- Sometimes there is too much going on at once so you need to choose what location you want to focus on

- As all games, somewhat consumerist (a massive variety of items and decorations and the need to build more if you want to get through all the quests) but you can have a great playing experience even without building everything that is asked

I give Coral Isle 4.5 stars (or paws). It is great when you need to take a break from your daily routines or work. The game has a little room for improvement, but overall it is the best Facebook game there is for nature lovers. You might also find amazing off-game friends through this game. :)


4.5 out of 5

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