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Please submit your request in the form below. Before you do, please read these guidelines.

I will consider your ebook, website, game, or other product if it has:

  • strong environmental or nature focus 

  • at least some humor and an active, positive vibe toward problem-solving

I particularly like these themes and topics:

  • innovative, sustainable solutions to problems

  • humor, action, and visual entertainment

  • music, dance, and physical comedy

  • human rights, animal rights, LGBT rights

  • DIY, minimalism, ecological habits, recycling

  • healthy habits, nutrition, exercise, stress relief, pain relief

I'm open to many genres, but I won't consider:

  • horror, war literature, murder mystery, or books that glorify violence

  • religious literature

  • if it's just gloom-and-doom hopeless dystopia type of thing

I would gladly review some children's books, but I won't consider:

  • books where the only animals are pets owned by humans

  • books that promote unhealthy habits, unsustainable culture, or consumerism

  • books focusing on modern life with no nature connection

I won't post reviews online unless I can give at least three stars. I can post to Amazon, Goodreads, and any other places where you wish if it's possible for me to do so.

I can read ebooks in MOBI and PDF format.

Please ask me if you have any questions or concerns regarding your request! I have limited time to review books, so if your book is long, unfortunately it may take some time to finish.

Describe your book/product & why I might like it.

Add a link to a sample online if possible.

Success! Message received.


I'm a writer of environmental science fiction & nature poetry.

I also post some music & videos on YouTube

If you wish me to give my opinion of your nature-themed book, website, or product, please see the Review Requests section. I may also review books with self-development & DIY themes.

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