Hello, humans :)
We are jellyfish from your future.
We love all the things you've made.
Your sweets, your burgers, your pills.
Your robot machines, your factories, your drills.
You truly are the peak of evolution.
*give or take a few generations
- Who counts them!
They are all so cute and clever!
You taught them well!


Here is something
we wrote in
honor of your
See what we've been transmitting to the Blue Bird Message System and Front of Head Jolly (Gamer)Cave


We wrote some more to celebrate Your beautiful* achievements
*mostly the beauty of jellyfish babies spawning endlessly in the oceans you prepared just for us
We have existed on this planet for a very long time.
As a thanks for what your species has done for us,
we may share more of our experiences with you :)
Please tell us what you would like to know about your future - or your past . . .
Here we'll post some tunes for your ears.
In this random hole under a tree, some jelly bookmarks have spawned!
Help give life to more of them by printing this out & craft it (tutorial here) with
your nimble fingers :)
Jellyfish Bookmark

Contact the Jellyfish

We would be glad to hear from You Wonderful Humans,

who carry on the Ways of Chemi-Bliss

which will ensure our expansion


© 2021  J. G. Remeng*


*the human vessel who transmits these opinions of the Jellyfish

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